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In these escape games you need to escape various buildings, situations, islands, and dungeons. They will test your ingenuity and skills!

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Escape Rooms Go Virtual

Escape room games are the most popular type of escape game. This genre took the world by storm in the form of real-life escape rooms where participants had to solve a string of clues and riddles to escape the room before they ran out of time.

There are several virtual escape room games you can now play online here at CrazyGames. Perhaps the most popular of which is Escape or Die by isotronic. This developer has a series of successful games in this genre which also includes Escape or Die 2 and The White Room.

There are also immensely popular escape room games from other developers, games like Computer Office Escape and Machine Room Escape.

Scary Escape Games

Escape games are often combined with elements of horror. This adds an extra layer of pressure and anxiety to the situation, playing on your fears to throw your ability to think clearly. Check out Creepy Granny Scream: Scary Freddy for a horror-based escape experience!

Action-packed Escape Titles

If you like escape games served with a heavy dose of action, look no further than Lab Remnants - a clever indie game where you play as a lab-grown creature overthrowing its abusive creators. There’s also the classic Fleeing the Complex from the Henry Stickmin series.


What are the most popular Escape Games?

  1. Infiltrating the Airship
  2. Open 100 Doors
  3. The Box of Secrets
  4. SpiderDoll
  5. The Rooms: Escape Challenge
  6. Riot Escape
  7. Rooms Home Escape
  8. The White Room 2
  9. The White Room
  10. House Escape: Office

What are the best Escape Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. The Box of Secrets
  2. Open 100 Doors
  3. The White Room 3
  4. Chat Noir
  5. The Rooms: Escape Challenge

What are Escape Games?

Escape games involve escaping from a situation using problem-solving skills. The aim is generally simple - escape the room or area. But the puzzles and riddles require quick and logical thinking before time runs out.

We collected 183 of the best free online escape games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new escape games such as and top escape games such as Infiltrating the Airship, Open 100 Doors, and The Box of Secrets.
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