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Developed by YYZ

Havendock is a survival simulation game set at sea. Collect resources and build a thriving oceanic community sought after by seafarers. Research new goods and materials to improve your settlement and keep your population happy.

Start something special

Collect basic materials and food by clicking them as they float by. From here you can expand your oceanic territory and build everything you need to start your little community, from farms to water pumps and cookhouses.

Build a thriving sea community

Build houses for newly arrived voyagers. Assign community members to various tasks like cooking and pumping water to make them self-sufficient. Do business with seafaring traders as they pass by your growing utopia by the sea.

Advance your seafaring society

New buildings and materials are required to progress in Havendock. Research is essential to providing for the basic needs of your new citizens. As you progress, research will evolve into more advanced and luxurious items to maximize the wellbeing of your people, and make it one of the most sought-after locations for travelers far and wide.

Play online with your friends

Join multiplayer games to take your oceanic community to the next level. You can play in an online game by clicking ‘multiplayer’ in the bottom left. You’ll connect automatically to an existing game or start a new one if none are available.


  • Build a sea settlement from scratch
  • Research new buildings and technology
  • Watch your community grow and evolve
  • Enjoy the beautiful and immersive 3D visuals

Release Date

April 2022


YYZ developed Havendock.


Web browser

Last Updated

Oct 27, 2022


  • WASD / arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = select
  • Right-click or Q = deselect

*Keyboard shortcut information is in the game