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Mini Royale: Nations

(195,346 votes)
November 2021
Last Updated:
April 2023
Browser (desktop-only)
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Mini Royale: Nations is a free-to-play browser-based FPS and social strategy game. The core shooter game is set on top of a land control-oriented, social strategy game with a deep emphasis on clans, alliances and social mechanics.

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Game Modes

There are 3 game modes in Mini Royale: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Free For All. Join matches of 2-3 minutes with 9 other players to score XP and level up, complete Quests, and earn Battle Pass Points to unlock Hero and Weapon skins. Players can play on public servers or in private rooms. Want to play with a friend? Create a Party to game with up to 2 other players on the same team.

Battle Pass

Mini Royale features a new Battle Pass each season. Players can earn Battle Pass points by playing in matches, completing Quests, and winning Clan Wars. Earning Battle Pass points unlocks Battle Pass tiers and prizes like Orbs, $BUTTER, and skins. Battle Pass points are also sometimes awarded as prizes for community events hosted in our Discord Server!

Premium Skins & Loot Skins

There are 2 types of skins in Mini Royale: Premium skins and Loot skins. Loot skins are earned from Battle Pass, Quests, and Clan Wars. Premium skins are either airdropped to players or created via Fusion in the Lab. Owning Premium skins unlocks the Premium Battle Pass and gives owners significant boosts for the Battle Pass.

Mini Royale is an open economy game, which means that skins can be bought and sold freely by players. You can check out the latest collections and snag some skins here.


Quests are mini tasks that give players prizes upon completion. In Mini Royale, there are Daily Quests, Seasonal Quests, Special Quests, and Brutal Quests. Completing these Quests unlocks Loot skins.

Clan Wars

Clans are the lifeblood of Mini Royale - Each week features are new Clan War, where Clan members must coordinate and cooperate through special missions to place on the Clan Wars Tiered Leaderboard. Through Clan Wars, Clans earn awesome prizes like Battle Pass points, Orbs, $BUTTER, and Loot prizes like Hero skins and Weapon skins.


In the Lab, skins can be fused together to unlock high rarity Heroes and Weapons. Both Premium and Loot skins can be unlocked through Fusion. Fusion recipes are released in waves, and include items of all rarity tiers: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Join Our Community

Mini Royale: Nations is built alongside players. We work closely with our community to deliver important updates and improvements that YOU want to see. Join our discord server to see patch notes, chat with our dev team, listen in on weekly update calls, play games with our mods, enter contests and giveaways, become a beta tester, and meet other players just like you.

Oh, and we’re live on Twitter too!

Release Date

Updated October 2021 to Mini Royale: Nations


Mini Royale: Nations is developed by Faraway


Web Browser

Last Updated

Oct 06, 2023


  • WASD = move
  • Mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = focus
  • Space = jump
  • All controls are configurable from the Settings menu