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Stabfish 2

Developed by Zytech AI

Stabfish 2 is the sequel of Stabfish.io, a shark fighting arena .io game. Battle other sharks in an online arena and impale as many as you can. This second installment features new sharks, abilities, loot, and much more.


Choose your shark

There are three shark evolutions. You evolve each time you die. The first 3 types are Blue Shark, Great White Shark, and Megaladon. Each of these 3 progressions is upgradeable. The upgraded sharks come with better abilities. You can unlock them by reaching milestone achievements.

Battle in the arena

Stabfish 2 is all about the fast-paced battle. An enemy could impale you in less than a second. Move fast using your boost and try to catch the bigger fish out with speedy moves. When you impale an enemy shark, they'll be stuck to your tusk until you swim into a wall. Doing this removes them and spills the food for your replenishment.

Loot and craft new gear

Stabfish IO 2 comes complete with a looting and crafting system. The loot goes to your inventory bag under materials, blueprints, or decorations. You can use the materials to craft the items found in blueprints, which have different rarity levels.

Create a shark team

Form a team and compete in the hourly 'Armaggedon' event. Each hour you have the chance to top the leaderboard in the event. You can create or join a team at any time, for any game.

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Release Date

September 2021


Zytech AI developed Stabfish2.io-Multiplayer.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Mouse = direct your weapon
  • Left-click and right-click = use skills

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