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Time Shooter 2

Developed by GoGoMan

Time Shooter 2 is a first-person shooter where time stands still until you move. Plan your shots and moves carefully. Dodge enemy fire in epic slo-mo combat and make your way around the map using time to your advantage.

How to Play

TIme Shooter 2 is a shooting game built in the same style as SuperHot, and features the same thrilling action that keeps you determined to beat each level.

Pick up the weapon best fitted to the job and make your way around the map, taking down enemies and controlling time carefully with your movements. Anything can be a weapon, so don’t be afraid to use whatever the situation calls for.

For one level only, you can also receive endless ammo or invulnerability by watching a short ad.

Time Shooter 2 Tips

  • Check your surroundings before you move
  • Take out enemies with long-range weapons first unless you are in immediate danger
  • Pick the weapon best suited to each task - if there are lots of enemies with guns maybe consider the AK-47!
  • Look out for enemies waiting for you with an itchy trigger finger

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Time Shooter 2 is based on the original concept that contributed to the success of SuperHot. You can also check out more FPS games like Zombies Shooter by the same developer. For classic online battles check out Forward Assault Remix.

Release Date

March 2022


GoGoMan developed Time Shooter 2.


Web browser

Last Updated

Sep 26, 2022


  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon
  • Right-click or R = throw weapon

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