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Developed by curtastic

Tower Swap is a clever puzzle game combining match-3 mechanics with addictive tower defense gameplay. Stop the dragons from reaching your castle by building your defenses through tactical tile-matching decisions.

How to Play

Build your defenses

Match 3 pieces of the same resource to upgrade them to a weapon or defense piece. When you have 3 of the same weapon or wall beside each other, you can merge them to create more powerful units.

Protect your castle

You have a limited number of swaps available before the dragons attack, so you have to use them wisely. Position your defenses so you can weather the attack! Day 10 and day 20 are the first boss dragon levels, so you need to be prepared. Once you kill a boss, they release a large number of smaller dragons.

Combine resources

Combine 3 of these resources to build the following defenses:

  • Stone - creates a defensive attack tower
  • Gunpowder - builds a cannon
  • Ice - creates an ice wall
  • Logs - creates attack turret
  • Gold - forms a chest containing swaps and sometimes other items like TNT and anvils to immediately upgrade resources.

More Games Like This

Tower Swap is a unique game that combines elements from match-3 games and tower defense games. One of the most popular tower defense games is Cursed Treasure 2. Match Arena is the most popular match-3 game.


  • Unique mix-up of game genres
  • Create defenses by merging resources
  • Upgrade defenses by merging defenses
  • Protect your castle from endless waves of dragons!


curtastic developed Tower Swap.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Last Updated

Jul 11, 2022


Tap or click and drag only. Any tile can be swapped even if it doesn't make a match.